Blog Post 2

I’m back!

These past couple weeks I have been incredibly busy with my internship. Not only am I trying to meet at least once with all 45 members of my org, but I am also in charge of making connections with various faculty and staff on campus. As August approaches, so does our main outreach program- the Big House Program. I am so excited to be working with students again, and cannot wait to meet our new gen. Our schedule for the 4 day program is finished; we are working on securing our locations of the program right now. We have made sure to have goals for each portion of the schedule. The part I am most excited for is the Personal Narrative workshop that I am designing and will be facilitating myself. Things are getting kind of stressful just because the other people on leadership are expecting me to mostly all the work for all our other projects. I don’t mind, but it would be nice to have some help- however I’m not going to force anyone to do work because it will be less than satisfactory. I am also working on revising our constitution for the org, which hasn’t been updated for about five years. I love Ann Arbor in the summer and I really want to be able to enjoy it. Hopefully these next few weeks will be less busy. Unfortunately my photo of the arb is too large to upload, so instead is a photo of our group from last year during BHP.


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