Exciting Adventure Awaits Blog Post #1

As I start this new and exciting journey, I can’t help but have so much joy and anticipation. I love the non-profit, Brilliant Detroit. They truly want to help low-income neighborhoods become kid success neighborhoods. One of their main goals is to help the families’ children with early childhood literacy, becoming Pre-K ready. I am looking forward to contributing to this awesome initiative to make Detroit neighborhood’s better. I am working mainly with the Southwest home, which has a high population of Hispanics. I hope to gain as much knowledge from this organization that I will be apply in my future career. This is also a great opportunity for me to practiced my Spanish. Brilliant Detroit is doing should be done more throughout the city of Detroit. Although I am from Detroit, I have never heard about any of these nonprofits in the city of Detroit, so I am excited to be on board and broaden my knowledge. I am going to learn a great deal from Detroit living on my own in Midtown and working in Southwest Detroit.

My supervisor Cindy is very nice and she wants to make sure that while we are helping develop Brilliant Detroit into the best that it can be, we will also learn as much as we possibly can. I love her attitude about Detroit; you can tell she is passionate about her work. I am looking forward to continue working with Cindy and plan on staying in contact with her even after I am done with the internship. She cares about using our strengths to help build the non-profit up. She gave me and Dominique, my fellow intern, a book about identifying our strengths in the work force. I am excited to see what my strengths are! I can even keep my results in mind for future jobs and projects I work on. I can already tell that this summer will be another amazing one and I will leave this internship with plenty of valuable knowledge that I can apply to my life. I thank God for such an amazing opportunity.

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