First Day on the Job #1

I started this internship with DLIVE on June 12th. DLIVE stands for Detroit Life is Valuable Everyday and it is stationed in Sanai Grace Hospital on the west side of Detroit. My first day was very introductory as I had a lot of people to meet in the hospital. The thing I noticed about this hospital is that everybody knew each other and it felt like one big happy family. That was really cool for me because it made me feel like I had the support of everybody in the hospital now that I would be working there as well. I spent the majority of the day in an office where I was told what my duties would entail and who I would have to report to. DLIVE is a trauma preventive program that focuses on victims of trauma from the ages of 13 to 30. Our job is to make sure that these people don’t repeat the circumstances that led up to the trauma that faced. We do this by coming to the bedside of patients once they’ve experienced the trauma. We tell them who we are and give them opportunities for mentorship, education, therapy, jobs, and housing. Once I got the full scope of everything DLIVE was doing, I was instantly hooked but seeing how I’ve done anything like this before, I had a lot to get acclimated to. That is why the first day was very introductory, I met Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, and had to read different articles about what DLIVE does.

Most importantly, I got to meet three men who I would be working with closesly in the internship, Dr. Sonuyi, Ray Winans, and Calvin Evans. Those are the guys I was to receive my daily tasks from as well as report to. The day went by very fast but I took it all in and was ready to come back the next day because I was going to be able to see my very first bedside approach.


I am a senior studying Acting Performing in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance and I also major in Psychology in the School of Literature, Science, and Arts.

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