First Few Days

This summer, I am working at a tech start up in downtown Chicago. The name of this start up is Thyng. Thing is an augmented reality company that has just recently received funding from a large incubator in Chicago. The work that they are doing here could not be cooler.

Yesterday, my boss 3D scanned by entire body. Then, using Thyng’s website, I was able to connect this 3D scan with a picture of my license. Now, when I scan my license with the Thyng’s app, a 3D figure of myself shows up on my phone. I am going to post a picture of this at the end of this post because it is so cool.

So far, I have spent time learning some of their main software that is used for 3D modeling called Blender. Apparently, Blender is the same software that companies like Pixar uses for animating their movies. On top of this, they are working on unveiling their brand new website in the next few days, so I have been familiarizing myself with HTML and CSS.

Currently, they are working on making an app for Navy Pier. Hopefully, I will be able to check some of this out.


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