First Month On The Job #1

My internship this summer, thus far, has been nothing short of my expectations. Each day is something new, but all relevant to my field of study- Communications. As I recently changed my major to Communications, I wanted to catch up with the hands-on part of a major by immersing myself in an internship where I can learn what career path I want to follow. My last two internships were mostly marketing based, but this internship is more advertising based, and I could not love it more. I have never worked with advertising before this, and it is a field I can safely say I see myself pursuing. I manage the campaigns, keep track of incoming ads, and optimize times for campaigns to run on our websites, which receive millions of views a month. I also have been exposed to the public relations side of Communications, and find myself liking that as well. Another aspect that drew me to this was the location – New York. I have been longing to live and work in NY, and the thought of following my dreams of working here while learning and networking is a dream come true. I truly feel excited every single day that I get to go to work and network with individuals who also studied Communications.


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