Internship Goals | Blog Post #1

It is really exciting to finally be stepping out of the classroom and into the real, working Communications field. I know that this experience is going to click with the knowledge I have already gained in my classes and make me feel very comfortable trying to navigate the field in the future. I have some very specific goals in mind that will help me make that comfort in the field a reality.

As I am interning at a talent management firm, I hope to gain valuable insight on dealing with artists. Though we deal a lot with promotion, where I think I will benefit the most, due to my journalism background, is in learning how to effectively and comfortably interview artists of all calibers. This will prepare me for the future career that I am trying to obtain.

As me and one other intern are both in charge of launching the company’s magazine, I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and write about topics I typically wouldn’t and be active with components of the magazine, not just writing the articles. Though graphic design and a more managerial position is not completely aligned with my career path, forcing myself to grapple with many different types of tasks will no doubt help me have a greater appreciation for all aspects of the industry, as well as enhancing my general adaptation skills.

This summer will be a great one and I’m so excited to get started on checking off these goals.

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