Lessons Learned | #4

One of the most vital things I have learned during my time in my internship is that there is not always a definite answer.  Previous to my time in my lab, I was always used to the notion that had been engrained into our minds from school: there is only a right and wrong answer.  And as such, I entered my internship with a similar mindset.  However, as time has passed, my mentor and my experiments have showed me that sometimes things don’t always go as planned and when you are the one searching for the answer to a question, things are not always so black and white.  You may come across new knowledge accidentally or have to accommodate and change your hypothesis to fit new data that you derive.

These were notions that initially were very foreign and strange to me.  However, through encountering them, I also realized the importance of research and finding the answers to questions that had never been posed before so as to be able to pass that knowledge down to those who come after us.  This experience has taught me to remain open minded in my studies and not to constrain my ideas and thoughts to a previously constructed box.

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