My First Day at Work – Milliman Chicago – Actuarial Consulting Intern| #1

To be honest, it has been my third week of my internship, but I have decided to write a blog about my first week, so here we go!

With an 18-hour flight from Shanghai to Chicago, I successfully moved into the city that I am going to live for the rest of the summer. Everything was great, and I found it’s so convenient to live in the city center of Chicago. There is Harold Washington Library for studying, various restaurant to try and convenient transportation system to try. I tried the Divvy bike, which is a bike-sharing system in Chicago that has about 6000 bikes in the city, and it was pretty convenient.

A side note: I tried the Divvy bike, which is a bike-sharing system in Chicago that has about 6000 bikes in the city, and it was very convenient. There are lots of bike spots for getting bikes and returning bikes, usually, the distance is a 5-min walk. The only issue is, during some extreme festival or something, you may have to walk about 15 min to find a bike. However, under normal conditions, it is often available.

To talk about the real business, I start my Actuarial Consulting Internship at Milliman Chicago Office’s Health Practice on June 5th, and it was a great sunny day in the morning. I woke up at 5 am and started reading some material that is related to America’s Healthcare industry, and I found many stunning results: America’s Healthcare cost is the highest in the world…and MRI in the USA cost $2000, whereas the same MRI service in another developed country may only cost $600 on average. Therefore, the health industry is currently very interesting and hot for now, especially President Trump has guaranteed to repeal the Affordable Health Care.

I arrived at the Office at 8:50 am, and checked in, got my badge, which looks pretty good! I came in and then were brought to my office. It looks like this:

I personally liked it a lot. It has a great view of Chicago loop and overseeing other high buildings, roads, and cars. My room is as good as Principal or Consulting Actuaries’ office, and much better than some of the entry-level full-time employees. When I felt tired or bored, I will take a look at the view, and there is always a fantastic feeling.

Later on, I met my supervisor- Cory, who is a very smart and helpful mentor. We discuss the structure of Milliman and my goal for this internship. My navigator Briana, who is an Associate Actuary showed me around the office and introduced me to everyone in the office. I met 2 Michigan Wolverines, many U of Wisconsin-Madison grads, couple Northwesterners, U of Chicago graduates, and one “the state school” graduate (OSU). It was fun to talk with my future colleagues because they are very smart, interesting and outgoing people.

When it was about lunch time, I was brought to a premium lunch spot, and we had some nice sandwiches and grill food.

To be frank, the first day passed really quickly, and I started on a small project to get myself adapted to the health industry.

The first day at work was satisfying, short and memorable.



Originally from Shanghai, China, who spent couple years in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Macau, and the USA, I will be an Actuarial Consulting intern at Milliman's Chicago Health Practice for Summer 2017.

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