Overcoming Obstacles/ #5

Every Tuesday, my office puts on a Food Truck event called “The Chomp”. Because our area does not have many food options that are a walk away, we started this initiative in order to give people working in the HTC more food options, rather than having to pack a lunch or drive somewhere everyday. This event has been in place for five years. However, two weeks ago, a firefighter shut us down. He said that we were using a private street and that the food trucks had to pay an additional permit if they wanted to sell their food on this street.

This was definitely an obstacle for everyone in the office because we were all accustomed to our roles and routine in the production of The Chomp each week. But we did not let this obstacle stop us from putting on this event for everyone. Instead, we used this obstacle as a reason to sit down together and evaluate our event and what needed changing.

Rather than hold the event on our private street, we now started holding The Chomp at the park across the street. The change of scenery gives the event a more comfortable feel with picnic benches, shade from the trees, and a prettier view. We also renovated the emails that get sent out each week so that people will pay closer attention to its information and realize that the location has changed. We updated the logo to create a more fun, retro feel by making the logo displayed like a video game (the logo is attached to this blog).

In the beginning, this seemed like an obstacle. However, The Chomp is now better than ever, and it never would have been improved if not for this obstacle bringing to our attention what needed to be changed.

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