Preface to My Summer in Otolaryngology/Blog #1

Hello reader! I am going to use this blog to record the experiences I have during my summer internship. I would just like to thank UMich and the internship scholarship for helping fund my needs for the summer. Go Blue!

My internship is in the otolaryngology clinic at University of Illinois at Chicago. Otolarngology is the study of the ear, nose and throat. I am studying under Dr. H. Steven Sims, he is a Yale alum (undergrad, med school and residency), but married into a Michigan family. I was able to get this opportunity thanks to Ms. Sharon Burch, my program leader through OAMI. I decided to do a little bit of research on Dr. Sims before I met him. I found that he is a musician, and specializes in voice care and vocal disorders. He has worked with many Broadway singers, and cast members fro shows like Wicked and Jersey Boys! Awesome! I am excited to meet him. Although it is not an officially organized program, Dr. Sims is allowing me to study under him for eight weeks this summer. I am excited to learn anything he has to teach me.
I have always valued the field of medicine and doctors. Through my 19 years, I’ve had three knee surgeries, various ankle injuries, and blood clots in my lungs. The time I have spent with different physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals has given me a lot of insight. I too would like to be an active member in the medical field some day.
Note: I wrote this prior to being able to access the blog. I started my internship about a month ago.

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