Setting goals for my internship | #1

Hello everyone, my name is Udit Sheth and I just finished my sophomore studying Neuroscience. I was fortunate enough to get a summer research internship at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, California. Sorry for the late blog post, but my internship started just a day ago, I know it is really late, but it goes on until mid-August, so it does span 8 weeks, even though it is the latter half of the summer.

My goal going into this internship was to gain as much exposure as possible, not only with my mentor and my lab, but also with many other labs and professors in the area that interests me – something to do with neurodegenerative diseases or auto-immune diseases. Being close to the University of California, San Diego and being surrounded by countless other researchers at Scripps, always me to network with professors that I would never have the opportunity to. Doing so is going to help me in my future, whether it’s getting an internship next summer or identifying a mentor for my Ph.D. Being a part of Scripps, I will be able to understand some aspects of clinical research and how laboratory research translates into clinical trials. This is something that I have not and possibly will not get to experience at Michigan, hence this is something that really interests me!

Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California

Attending seminars, conferences and talks by esteemed researchers will open my eyes to the cutting edge research being done in one of the biggest Biological Science hubs in the world. Reading papers and starting a journal club amongst all interns will also broaden my perspective on research being done in different fields – be it Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Biotechnology, Viral infections and diseases. Being affiliated to great hospitals – Scripps Health and Scripps Memorial – there would be opportunities for me to volunteer at those hospitals and learn a great deal not only about patient healthcare but also the short-term effects of the new healthcare policy.

Hence, I think my biggest goal for the next 8 weeks for me is to network and gain a lot of exposure into the entire biological science fields, even out of the lab and understand the demands of what it means to be doing research as a full time job.

Looking forward to the other blogs that I write and share my incredible experience with all of you!

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