Something New

This past week at CoVar I got to do something really exciting. My boss put me in charge of creating and ordering hats for Covar. I was thrilled with this opportunity but also very nervous because I knew that this was a big yet exciting job and I really didn’t want to mess this up.

My boss put me in touch with a sales rep from image depot which gave me hat options for CoVar. While looking through the hats I realized some were much more expensive than others. After seeing this I figured it wouldn’t be best if I ordered the more expensive ones because I didn’t want to cost the company more than I had to. But I also didn’t want to order the cheap ones because this was a great opportunity for marketing for CoVar and having cheap hats wouldn’t be a great look.

So I found an east medium of the two, good quality without the high price. I also decided to order three different type of hats and colors to give the CoVar team and customers options. The last step was picking the colors of the logo on the front of each hat. CoVar color’s are green, silver, white and black, so I had some easy options. I picked out the colors and submitted the order.

When the hats came in the mail I was pleased to find out that the CoVar team loved the hats.

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