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Yesterday was the most exhausting days of my internship thus far, and yet it was one of my favorites. The second wave of students have arrived on campus and are beginning their classes. The summer school I work for has three sessions, each two weeks long. In the morning we had to check in all the students and be available to answer all of their questions. I am a TA for the Luxury Management class this intake, so I had to create groups for the case study the students will be working on. It felt very weird to be the one making a major decision for the class, since the students will have to spend a lot of time working with their groups. I had to keep in mind the ages and nationalities of the students in each group to make sure they are diverse and will work well together. In the afternoon, I sat in on the class in which the case study for Annick Goutal was introduced. A salesperson from Annick Goutal described the brand to us and let us smell 5 different fragrances, which was super fun. After classes we held a welcome gathering with food, wine, and mini desserts. It was a great chance to network with the students and learn more about them. My favorite part of my job is getting to meet people my age from so many different places around the world. I have never been in such an international environment, so it’s extremely exciting to me to learn more about other cultures and make new friends. I am also very excited to be helping with a class this intake and meeting guest speakers from companies like Chanel and LVMH. The fact that I essentially get to take an HEC class for free (without the work outside of class!) is a really valuable part of this experience for me. Since the summer school started I have been so busy that the days just fly by. I can’t believe that my time here is already halfway over. I’ve spent the past couple weeks trying to figure out how I can come back to live in Paris at some point.

Some things that I have gotten used to since being in France:
-Switching between French and English in the same sentence
-Reading dates as dd/mm/yyyy
-Eating lots of bread and cheese and rarely seeing vegetables
-Bringing my own bags to the supermarket
-No air conditioning (even in the 97 degree heat wave)

Me and a few other interns after an event
Luxury Management class
Testing Annick Goutal fragrances
A flyer I made for one of our events
Sitting in one of the many interactive art installations on campus

Allison K

Summer School Administration Intern at HEC Paris

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  • June 30, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    The flyer you made is sophisticated and makes my mouth water! Your internship sounds like an amazing opportunity to make friends around the entire world, and also a good networking opportunity with the different people and companies around HEC.


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