The Past Few Weeks

Growing up Albanian, I’ve become used to superstitions, old wives tails, and weird natural remedies that make no sense. Like, for example, when you dream of someone dying it’s actually good luck and adds 10 years to their life. Or my great grandmother who would put a thin slice of potato on her forhead when she had headaches. Another thing that is quite popular is, after finishing a turkish coffee and flipping the cup over to let it dry, having someone read your fortune. Most of these things I obviously don’t believe (especially the potato one), but I broke a mirror in my apartment a few weeks ago and I am beginning to think that I may be cursed. You heard me. ~I aM CurSed~

So last week, my laptop died out on me. It refuses to turn back on no matter what I try. This has created some very annoying issues at my internship becuase, even though it wasn’t required, I would bring my laptop in everyday and work on it instead of the one they had at the office. But now, my dear beloved has passed into Apple heaven and all the research I had done on it has moved on to the next world too. This means I have literally nothing to do at my office. I tried to ask my boss for work to do, but I can tell that there’s really no options and she’s just trying to come up with busy work. I am not bitter about this, it’s just that at this point, there has been no meaningful work to do.

So this week is now the last week of my internship. Although I have not been able to complete or learn a lot of things, I am grateful for the experiences that my internship has given me – even the awkard ones. Throughout this intenship, I learned to rely on myself a lot more than I was used to. Meaning I often had to come up with my own tasks to do and suggest jobs that could be given to me at certain events. I also learned that I would like to work for a bigger organization. Although I think European Movement Albania is a absolutely fantastic organization, I know I’d like the hustle and bustle of a larger organization, not a small office with 5 people. These 5 people, though, are some of the nicest I’ve met while here in Albania and their passion and drive to educate others about European Integration and policy is truly impressive and inspiring. It surprises me that 5 people are responsible for all that they do.

This week was also full of some really fun experiences outside of work. We went up Tirana’s larest mountain called Mount Dajti with a cable car and ate at a famous restaurant up there. The views were amazing! We also went to the House of Leaves museum which is dedicated to the period in which the Albanian government would spy on its own people, embassies, and foreigners. The museums here are espeacially cool becuase the room itself is the display; things aren’t encased in glass with a sign that tells you how far you need to stand and instead, are very interactive. Lastly, on Monday night, a famous Albanian rapper named Noizy performed in Skanderbeg Square. I’m not that familar with his music, but I knew I liked him and getting to go to a free concert is hardly ever a bad thing.

Being in Albania these past 2 months has also given me the opportunity to explore my own culture and history. Whether it be going to museums dedicated to the communist era or just hearing someone play traditional Albanian music from there car, it’s been nice to find surprises in things that still have some familiarity with you. These next two weeks I will try to explore the country more and enjoy the culture. I don’t know the next time I’ll be back in this region, so I want to soak it all in.

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  • June 30, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    It’s so funny what little superstitions are in each culture! I know in Taiwanese culture you’re not supposed to put chopsticks in rice standing up because it looks like incense (aka you’re wishing people DEATH) and even in the US if someone does that I internally cringe.

    I love that you were able to explore your own culture and experience new things that still feel familiar. Do you feel like your relationship with Albania and Albanian culture has changed over the last two months?


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