To Be (a lawyer) or Not To Be, That is the Question #6

I have had internship and work experiences that have taught me a lot but have confirmed that I did not want to pursue that career. I have worked with kind, intelligent people that I looked up to but who still did not sway my aversion to their career. This always frustrated me, but as my parents said, “At least you are learning what you do not want to do!”


My internship at the Washtenaw County Trial Court has not been like that. From the second I sat in on my first court trial (which happened to be a jury trial on my first day), I have been constantly amazed at how engaged I am in the work and how I look forward to coming into work each day. There are many things that excite me about working at the courthouse: the family-like aspect of circuit court because everyone know each other, the constant need to learn and adapt and push yourself, the research and learning opportunities in front of you every day, the power, and the people.


If anything, this internship has confirmed my desire to go to law school. I now know how I can work to get there, thanks to my supervisor and the other interns who push me constantly to do my best. Some of the things I can do with my remaining time at the University of Michigan to prepare myself for law school, being a lawyer, and hopefully one day being a judge are:

  1. Continue to develop my reading, writing, and critical analysis skills through my English and history classes.
  2. Grow my network. This can be done in part by talking to people in my pre-law fraternity who are currently in law school or who are lawyers.
  3. Work on growing my confidence and public speaking skills.

I owe this internship for helping me discover my love of the law as well as the wonderful people I’ve worked with who make coming into work a joy.

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