Wall St. Publisher, Day 1 | #1

This summer I’ll be working on Wall Street, but no, I am not working in finance, but rather at a textbook publishing company. I’m a Research and Development and Marketing intern who luckily gets to work directly beneath the heads of both departments.

One of the main opportunities that I’ve already noticed is that I’m considered the senior-level intern for these departments. This means that I get to supervise other interns and delegate different tasks which will

I commute through the World Trade Center PATH and right now they’re doing a reproduction of the Sistine Chapel which is pretty cool!

no doubt improve my leadership and management skills. I definitely see much more opportunities headed my way from this internship. I know that I’m going to directly interact with every department head which means that I get to learn from as many different perspectives as I’d like. Also, I will be able to head my own projects which may include researching customer satisfaction, online resources, and how to make textbooks better for new standards.

Last summer I was able to lead my own project on Open Educational Resources and present it to the CEO of the company and this year I’m anticipating working on a similar project, presenting it, and then hopefully implementing some of my suggestions.

Some challenges I foresee are simply that the projects will be very large and have to reach an even larger number of individuals. Another challenge will be figuring out how I feel about this as a future career choice given that I will be a junior in the fall. However, I am up to the challenge and cannot wait to see how this summer turns out!

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