Work now leading to work later | #2

I have been in Haiti for a month now. Every week, every day even, is something new. When I first applied for this job the description was vague and now I understand why. It’s Haiti. “It’s Haiti” is a phrase we use quite a bit here. It’s because here in Haiti things are always a bit of organized chaos with things and plans constantly changing and adapting. The first week I was here all of the interns did a week long training on the organization and on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how to help others grow and also become disciples. Once that was over and we were ready to all start our separate jobs I figured they would begin training me on protocol and other medical intern related duty. I was told “Nope. You are going to learn by doing.”  Well okay then. Our first week of medical mobile clinics was a big one too. Our ideal North American team to come in is roughly 9-12. We had a team of 22. Our first mobile clinic was in Williamson. Once we unload both our canters at the church in Williamson we began our set up process. We moved all of the pews to the side, and set up our five stations. (1) Our height and weight by the front door (2) Nurse/EMT/CNA triage (3) Doctors (4) Pharmacy (5) Education. That is the order that our patients move in our mobile clinic. The number of patients we usually see at mobile clinics every week is 400 patients. On our first week we saw over 800 patients. Mobile clinics are crazy.

My immediate supervisor who runs and goes out on mobile clinics with us was a little flustered with how crazy this week was. But she rocked it, she knows how crazy Haiti can be sometimes and has run mobile clinics far crazier. As for me, it matched my work style really well. I work really well under pressure and loved how chaotic it is. But I loved it because it was organized chaos. If there was no order I would get completely overwhelmed. But with organized chaos I thrive. And I think it is the same with my supervisor. She knows how to adapt and flow with what we need and what is happening.

I always thought that when I went into medicine I would choose the field of OBGYN. I loved the idea of working with the same demographic of people- women generally from the ages of 20 to 35 all pertaining to pregnancy/reproductive health. But I’ve begun to shift in where I think I would best fit in medicine. I have worked with a number of ER doctors and nurses. The fast paced, critical thinking, and intense environment sounds like the place I would flourish in. And I am seeing now that mobile clinic is set up to exercise those same characteristics and problem solving skills. The doctors and nurses we’ve had come down have helped me explore this idea and been more gracious than I could have imagined. Through these people pouring into me and through prayer I hope to have a clearer picture of what my future career will look like.

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