Blog 2-Getting Accustomed

Things have definitely began picking up at my internship. Shortly after my first blog post, I realized how much of an impact I have on the entire city of Highland Park. Over the years, Highland Park has fallen victim to several financial hardships, and resulting in the city having to take emergency managers, a severe increase in vacant lots, blighted properties, and several businesses leaving the city as a result. Keeping this in mind gives me an extra incentive to continue to give 110% in all community oriented assignments given to me. This is especially true with this weekend’s upcoming community event. For instance, in an effort to get the city RRC (Redevelopment Ready Certified) through the state, it is essential to have an impactful Public Participation Plan. However, we soon realized, when drafting this plan, that in order for it to come to fruition, we must first assure that the city has a strong sense of community unity. This was the primary force behind our section of the office implementing this week’s city wide community festival in an effort to unify the residents. The event will include, food, drinks, music, and special appearances. If we are fortunate enough for this event to be a success, the community will finally come together and rally for new development, that benefits the current residents and not moves them out of their homes, to come to the city.

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