Blog 5: Overcoming Obstacles

Over the course of my internship, I have been faced with typical obstacles. How to navigate new software databases and how to utilize resources for projects. I have been able to learn from my struggles and come out on the other side as a strong user. I have enjoyed being challenged with work because I think it is the most valuable way to learn and subsequently improve both professionally and personally. I am lucky enough to have a collaborative and friendly group of interns that I am able to bounce ideas off of and ask for help and vice versa when needed. When faced with obstacles, I never hesitate to consult my fellow interns when office staff is unavailable because we help each other to improve and better manage our time with projects. I have learned how valuable it is to have a positive work environment filled with people who are willing to help you better yourself and your work. If you are positive and eager to work, even if the project does not initially make sense, that is such a strong quality to have that will take you so far in your career. Everyone that I have reached out to do work for here has been appreciative of my willingness to help regardless of whether the project is geared toward my specific department or not. Building positive relationships is important and will only help in the long run.

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