Connecting your studies to your academic exploration | #6

This internship definitely confirmed my path and I owe it to my internship supervisor. He gave me interesting tasks that were right around my skill level and that fulfilled exactly my desire to learn how to code better. I was worried coming in the internship that I’d be by the photocopier all day or bringing coffees to people, as one hears about in internship horror stories.

My internship experience was the complete opposite. It was extremely fulfilling and by the end, I had a finished project that I could show for all the work I had done during my time at the company.

It strengthened my interest in the subject also because this internship made me realize that I have only scratched the surface when it comes to software development. After freshman year, I felt like I knew quite a bit since I came from almost 0 programming experience. However, this internship made me realize that I only know a sliver of what is possible in this field which has only gone to grow my interest for it.

The next steps that I have identified for the remainder of my time at Michigan are that I need to make a schedule of all the classes that I am going to take, a sort of roadmap to graduation. This will ensure that I am able to stay on track with my major and minor to ensure that I am able to complete both.  

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