First Impressions- Blog #1

This summer I have been working for attorney Byron Pitts and the Perkins Law Group in downtown Detroit. Prior to my first day on the job, Mr. Pitts treated me to lunch at the wonderful Central restaurant where we discussed our future endeavors. During lunch, Mr. Pitts gave me the run-down about his law firm and told me about his day-to-day activities. What immediately struck me was the unstructured nature of the job. Mr. Pitts’ career is one in which he can be completely bogged down by cases and trials for months on end, followed by a lack of meaningful clients for extended periods of time. Because of this, Mr. Pitts made it clear that the most successful lawyers have to keep a determined and persistent mindset.

After providing me with insight into his daily schedule, Mr. Pitts began to get to know me.  We touched on a wide range of subjects, from my GPA and major, to my hobbies and future aspirations. He was particularly interested in knowing what motivated me to want to become a lawyer. He was inquiring because practicing law can be excruciating at times so he wanted to make sure that I was entering law school for the right purpose. He explained to me that if you become interested in law simply for the money, you won’t be successful. Furthermore, law school is an incredibly difficult task and without the proper motivation it can be difficult to remain committed.

After getting to know each other, Mr. Pitts was confident that I was the correct candidate and he went into details about our summer agenda. He said that there were many trials he had coming up that I would accompany him to. He assured me that first hand experience at a criminal trial was invaluable and that not many first-year interns receive that opportunity.  Mr. Pitts informed me that he already started to help me expand my network within the law community. He placed me in contact with the Perkins Law Group, also based in downtown Detroit, as an opportunity to gain as much exposure as possible.  I arrived to lunch nervous and not knowing what to expect of my future employer. I left feeling grateful that I had been afforded such a wonderful opportunity.

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