First Week of Work! | #1

“Describe opportunities and challenges that you foresee your internship presenting.”


Today marks the halfway point of my first real week of work. I’m currently interning for a consulting firm in the Chicago area, and although I’ve been here for a week and a half, the first week was only centered on training. I got up to speed on Powerpoint and Excel, firm standards regarding use of each software, and of course firm culture. It was fun to meet my fellow interns, and also get an idea of the work that I could expect to be doing over the course of my ten-week internship. During one of our lunch breaks, my coworkers and I went out into the city to grab lunch by the famous Millennium Park; it was a really good to chance to get to know the people that I’ll be spending so much time with in the coming weeks. I’ve heard stories that consulting internships can be a bit tough, but I’m really excited to just get started.


The past few days I started making ground on basic analysis for two clients (that will remain undisclosed for the purpose of the blogs), and I must say that I really am enjoying the pace and challenging nature of the work. I get to learn a lot about work culture, standard practices in various industries, and how the competitive landscape is shaped due to countless innovations. The internship will definitely become increasingly challenging, as I will have to juggle numerous client requests at once, learn to accommodate the wants and needs of teammates with seniority, and of course adapt to a new corporate and professional experience.

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