Goals, Expectations & Experiences | #1

After reading “Making the Most of Your Internship” by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., I was prompted to think about what I want to achieve through my internship. I am interning in Vimbly, a start-up company based in New York, as a business development intern. I actually started my internship on June 1st, so this post has been long overdue. So here goes my goals and expectations for the summer plus a little more on what I have experienced in Vimbly so far.

Being in a start-up, I was excited to learn how a start up functions, especially with its business model. Mr. Hansen points out in his article that one should take every opportunity to learn more about the company or industry. My division has meetings every bi-weekly and these meetings keep me updated about what everyone had accomplished during the time period. Within our first meeting, all the interns have been briefed on how Vimbly operates and our roles within the company. I also feel comfortable asking my supervisor any time I have questions about the company or about the work I am doing, and I feel this will only help me fully understand Vimbly’s business model and its industry.

By the end of my summer internship, I expect to widen my network. One of the perks of my internship is the team outings held by the company every month. This is when I can bond and chill with the people I work with everyday. Just recently, we went to Gulliver’s Gate, where the world was shrunk into miniatures. It was really mind-blowing to see all the handmade miniatures and you could even make a miniature of yourself! So having these outings really lighten the mood for networking.

I am beyond excited to pursue my goals and expectations during my internship, and I look forward to what I can learn tomorrow.

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