Overcoming Obstacles | #5


This prompt is perfect for me because I did have to learn a new programming language. It has been the main obstacle of this entire internship and I cannot tell yet if I have overcome it or not.

The reason that I cannot say for sure if I have overcome it is because the piece of software that I have developed will be relegated to the rest of the team I have worked with once I depart. I will consider it a success if they are able to understand my code and further develop it without my help. This will mean that my knowledge of the language will have been sufficient for others to understand my work easily.

Learning this new language has, however, caused me many troubles. At first, since I had little to no knowledge of it I developed my code in ways that hampered the continued development of my project. Specifically, the way I had developed my code did not allow for future flexibility. Therefore, as I advanced through my project I was constantly held back by the code I had previously written. The way I overcame this difficulty is that I set up an appointment with my internship supervisor to be taught how to properly structure my code in order to allow for future flexibility. This helped me tremendously and I put a lot of effort into rewriting my code the way he had suggested. It paid off as I was able to move forward more easily with my project.

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