Overcoming obstacles

During this internship, I have been given many tasks that are seemingly mindless but also easy to mess up. For example, during the second week of my internship here at the American Diabetes Association, I was given the large task of doing a mailing of multiple letters to hundreds of people. I simply had to match the letter with a flyer, and attach the correct label. After doing about 100 of these letter packages, I realized I was 2 names off. The name on the label did not match the name on the letter. While this seems like a minor error, many of the letters had been sent out already with the wrong name and address to go with them. To say I was freaked out would be an understatement. I immediately told my supervisor. She calmed me down and promised me that this was normal as mailings tend to be very monotonous work and often people can make errors. She gave me an email list and I sent an apology email to those who received the wrong letter. I then picked up where I left off and ensured I meticulously checked every letter with every label. While this might not seem like a big deal, a large part of the ADA is asking for sponsors and donations. The wrong name on a letter would be seen as impersonal and thus a potential reason not to donate. After making this mistake, I realized that no matter how boring the task, every step of the process mattered in this office.

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