Settling into the Job | #2

Work culture has an effect on productivity, happiness and quality of work that one does. I have found myself to be the most productive in cultures where I have flexibility to work in my own way, but still have some guidance and structure prior to it. That being said, working in newer cultures outside my comfort zone also help me become a more adaptive person, which is key to progressing in any field. Some of the various aspects of work culture that are important to me are diversity, counselling/guidance, network, training and education, and many more. My company values all of these traits of an organization as well and I can see how hard they work to make it available for each employee. My first two weeks consisted mainly of networking and training, to help the new hires get settled in the company and feel less intimidated by the steep learning curve they had to climb. My next week was all about continuing that training and allowing me to be responsible for work at the same time. One thing I appreciated the most was having an assigned “coach” who assists you in your professional growth at the company. Every single employee, from an intern to a partner, has a coach who supports him or her in moving forward in developing his or her career. This is a big investment on the company’s end to ensure comfort and success for its employees. My ideal work culture would be a workplace that is efficient and professional, but at the same time is invested in a every person’s well-being and growth. I am excited to see how well my company does this and how many options I’m given to return the favor both within the company and to the community around us.

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