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Today was an incredibly valuable learning experience for me in regards to the professional world. I woke up and felt incredibly sick and started to vomit. This ordeal caused me to be late for work. When I stopped throwing up, I rushed to get ready and got to the workplace as fast as I could. Being 30 minutes late, I apologized to my supervisor and let her know what had happened. She told me to go back home and get some rest. I really did not want to go home. I didn’t think I was sick with an illness, but she reminded me that maybe my body was telling me I was too exhausted or stressed and needed to take a break. She emphasized the importance of balancing work and rest and the responsibility to be mindful of your co-worker’s health as well. “I know how hard you are on yourself,” she said, “but sometimes you just need to rest.” With that I took the day off, feeling embarrassed and regretful that I was missing work. I knew, however, that my body needed the break and I appreciated the grace my supervisor had shown me. From this experience, I have been reminded of the importance of taking care of your health as well as your work and balancing your life to be at your best in all aspects.

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  • July 20, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Wonderful lesson! I too am learning the importance of balancing self care and work. Great post!


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