Week One in the Hot Seat | Blog #1

As someone who grew up in New York City, I feel privileged having spent most of my life in the greatest city in the world. However, working in the city was something I had never experienced and I woke up on May 22nd feeling a combination of excitement and nerves. Sure, I had had summer lifeguarding jobs but that was nowhere near as serious as working with the organization responsible for the largest community gardening program in the nation.

The nervousness was accentuated when my supervisor showed me around the office and I immediately noticed how overdressed I was compared to everyone else. And to my horror, Twywana (my supervisor) ended the office tour by showing me to my desk — the desk located right by the front door, the desk of the former receptionist. Needless to say, that first day was filled with many “I’m so sorry, this is my first day” before directing them to Phil, the GreenThumb Project Development Coordinator, who conveniently sat right across from me.

My worst mistake that day occurred when Phil went on lunch break, and I was left alone. One of the gardeners walked in to the office looking for KC, one of the outreach coordinators, and I turned her away. I had to run after her and lead her back into the office  once I realized my error. Thankfully, she was still waiting for elevator when I caught up to her.

Despite this slight hiccup, I’m still looking forward to acclimating with the office environment and further understand the responsibilities of GreenThumb employees. I’m excited to be working an entire 2.5 months, helping communities better their volunteer run gardens!

Entrance to Suite 3100
My Desk

Yuxiao L.

Rising sophomore in the College of Literature, Science & Arts. Youth Leadership Council Intern at GreenThumb under the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.

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  • July 12, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Sounds like you handled the first “hiccup” of your job with much grace! Thanks for sharing.


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