Where I Work (#2)

Live Nation Entertainment is in the heart of Beverly Hills, California where celebrity, status, wealth and luxury are showcased like nowhere else in the world.  Because of this, I was expecting the Live Nation office to be full of employees dressed to the nines who think they are much more important than they are just because they work in the “music industry” and occasionally interact with celebrities.  My expectations however could not have been further from reality.  The office environment is as relaxed as a corporate office space could ever feel, with dogs running around greeting you with kisses and people wearing jeans and a t-shirt every day.  I work on the second floor where there is a large open area of individual desks aligned in rows that do not have the traditional cubicle dividers that isolate each employee from the next.  This creates an open and collaborative environment on the floor where people are constantly talking to each other all day long, some standing and some sitting because the desks rise and lower with the push of a button.  The office environment really conveys the fact that Live Nation is a younger company that is not tied down by traditional corporate practices and instead focuses on teamwork and community.  I absolutely love the atmosphere in the office and know that if I do decide to work a desk job, this is the kind of environment I would want to work in.  I have made friends with the fellow interns, talked to almost everyone on my floor, and have adapted to the office culture by learning the do’s and dont’s of the company.  I would definitely love to start my career at an office like Live Nation because people are young, driven and interested in what you have to say.  All in all, I hope I continue adapting smoothly into the office environment because it truly feels like a place I could call home.

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  • July 5, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    It’s great to hear that you were able to have a positive take on the contrast between your expectations and the reality of the work culture at your internship host. Keep reflecting on the connections that this internship has for future career opportunities as well as what it means for your Michigan student experience!


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