#1 Goals (Prelude)

Internship, internship, internship. Pretty much since my freshmen year I’ve been searching and doing it every summer. Everyone around me was talking about it, and I’ve been anxious getting it all year long. I have a wide range of interest from art to macroeconomics to political science, while having two majors that lead to two complelely different trajectories probably doesn’t help much. Thus, I’ve always been struggling to find out what I wanted to do as my career path after school. After doing internship back home in China and abroad in the Balkans where there’s very loose structure for internships, I decided to give US a try, to see whether the robust internship culture here would give me a different intern experience. I was first aiming at getting into big corporates (where there’re usually an established routine and training session for interns) doing some entry level marketing research stuff, but somehow ended up at a tech/internet small company (called: The Really Useful Information Company: funny name I know) doing content research, helping with business ideas briefs. After couple months of crazy searching and sending resumes and cover letters (fellow international students probably know the struggle best due to visa restrictions), I still feel quite fortunate to finally get such an offer, because it is in town, paid, and something  I’m at least 60% interested in doing. 

I’m always into research type of work, as I enjoy the process of constant learning, analyzing information and solving problems. Meanwhile I’m quite sure that I don’t want to be in academia, for the sake that the ivory tower is still too isolated and distance from the general audience. I wasn’t planning doing ground breaking reseach that will leave a dent in the universe, but more of something that can be fairly put into application and real life. Given that, I figured perhaps doing research in a non-academic setting is probably something I should be looking into, and hopefully by doing this internship, I can figure out whether this is something I enjoy. Experience wise, I am hoping to get a feel of working in extremely small business setting that is polar opposite to the big corporate culture that I’ve heard of, while getting to learn some latest gigs and technologies that are trending in the industry.(which is something I wouldn’t necesssarily explore on my own or in class. It’s probably good to get some exposure given that nowadays Internet based tech companies are all over the place.) 


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