A Day in the Life as an Intern at Mcneil Group!

The first couple of weeks at Mcneil Group have been jam-packed with multiple projects and experiments to test out.

At Mcneil Group, I am helping to develop a summer course for the MMSS camp on Polymer Chemistry offered for high school students.  As a side job, I am assisting in helping to revamp the Organic Chemistry 1 lab (CHEM 211) course.

Here is what a normal day at Mcneil Group looks like:

Every day I walk in at 9 am and make myself a cup of coffee to get me through the day. I then check my Slack messages to see if there are any documents sent to me that need revision or to be proofread and then I send my comments and suggestions back to my supervisors/coworkers.

Then I check in with my supervisor, Ariana, and figure out what experiment I should get started on/work on for the day.

Ariana then gives me detailed instructions which I carry out multiple times, determining if the instructions are easy enough for high schoolers to follow and comprehend and decide if any revisions or changes should be made.

Then lunch time hits and I spend the first half hour of lunch eating with my coworkers and chatting.  After I’m finished eating I typically go on a walk outside to enjoy the day before the last half of my day.

In the second part of the day, I repeat the same process. Ariana and I typically try to research more activities or different experiments for the summer camp or future summer camp activities. Also, under the circumstances that something prevents us from completing one experiment, we have multiple options to replace that particular lab.

I spend time between experiments chatting with my coworkers and supervisor about music, movies, books, and more.  I really enjoy working here and I am lucky to have such great people around me.

Me sitting at my desk, enjoying a cup of coffee.


My coworker, Neal, working on a reaction.

My supervisor, Ariana, working away at her computer.

Cat pictures which are essential to the integrity of our lab.

My lab space, which is quite messy due to the multiple projects I am working on. 

My coworker, Mia, working on her computer.

My desk.

My beautiful view of the Chemistry atrium.


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