Blog #1 | Becoming a STAR at STARMEN Design Group

To become a STAR at STARMEN Design Group:
1. I’d like to learn about branding and what is entailed in creating a well-received brand.
2. I’d like to have some experience in generating content for social media or other related sites.
3. I’m very interested in learning about what is necessary in web design because I don’t know much about coding but am interested in what it creates online.
4. I definitely want to have know how to speak with clients and understand what they desire for their brands and how to successfully create marketing campaigns that they’ll love and be excited about.
5. I am also interested in learning about the strategy and production sides of marketing and researching what brands have been successful and how they developed their brands.
I resonated with three of Hansen’s points in particular: Get as much exposure as possible, take initiative, and network, network network.
I resonated with the exposure portion as I am interning in the industry that I want to have a professional career in later on. It is sound advice because getting as much exposure as you can, sets you up with knowledge for future experiences. It also allows me to have interviews where I can show my previous experiences and exposure and show the interviewer my strengths.
The “take initiative” advice also is great for setting the tone for an internship. I want to go forward and make sure that my supervisor knows I am dedicated and will always be up for anything that comes my way and go out of my way to get opportunities and be successful.
Lastly, the “network, network, network” portions is key. I believe that making valuable connections and exercising those connections are what land a person great opportunities! I plan to make the effort to really get to know my supervisor and the owner of the agency as well in order to land even bigger opportunities in the future.

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