Blog #2 | STARMEN and Work Culture

The workplace culture at STARMEN Design Group is fairly casual. To me, workplace culture is how the employees treat each other and behave in the workplace, whether they are focused on their projects or relatively lax with those projects. I’d say that my employer would consider workplace culture the same. Here at STARMEN, everyone is very calm and casual, working on their tasks but also friendly to everyone here as well, making friendly conversation and an effort to help each other out. When thinking about my ideal work culture, I think it is essential to have an opportunity where I feel welcome and am given things to do right away. In this internship, I feel that I have been occupied with tasks for a majority of the time. I also believe that feeling comfortable enough to talk to the person in charge is important because learning from their experiences is the key to your own success.

The physical work environment here is very interesting as it has a modern, more eccentric feel to it. I work at the front desk, doing receptionist duties while also completing marketing research. I’m really not a fan of being at the front desk because I haven’t gotten to know the other interns here. The look of the office and the style match my work style for the most part because it’s trendy and sophisticated. But I must say, I am a little jealous of the interns who work at huge corporations while I’m working at a firm of a total of 11 people normally, including the interns/: I’ve begun to adapt to the work style here but I think it’ll take a little longer to get fully comfortable, since I’m not only adapting to the work lifestyle but also the total lifestyle of being in Los Angeles, about 2,300 miles from home in Michigan. I think that going forward, I’d rather either be close to home, or working at a large marketing firm with many other interns that are hoping to accomplish the same things as me (and hopefully paid, too) I want to work somewhere that has an element of fun and freedom to it as well. Right now, I think I’m just trying to adjust to the working lifestyle and the completely different lifestyle here in LA so it’s been a little difficult so far.

Here are a couple pictures of the office lobby(:




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