Blog 6: A Great Experience

Maria Backman
ALA 225 SP 2017

Blog 6: An Experience to Remember

After my time with Mr. Velez at his immigration firm, it has confirmed my desires to pursue a career in law. Meeting so many new people and being exposed to several opportunities, it was an awesome experience. I gained insight on the the ins-and-outs of different legal professions and different paths or routes to take when going to law school.

I was welcomed by so many people who were eager to lend a few words of wisdom, that helped shaped my view and focus on the most important things. I learned it’s not always what you know but rather who you know, so networking is a MAJOR key. A handshake today, is a job opportunity tomorrow. I also learned that the name of the law school you attend isn’t the most important thing, it’s the relationships you establish while there. Also learned in the final year to do a whole bunch of clinics to gain actual law experience. In Law school, routine procedure and process isn’t taught to students (at least that’s what I was informed) and being exposed to this will put you ahead of the game.

The overall experience was great and made me so excited for what the future has in store. Currently, I am waiting for my lsat scores to come in and then being preparing my personal statement for law school admissions, a lot of work but I can’t wait!

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