During My Internship | Blog Post #2

At EcoWorks we have been doing a lot of research on energy efficiency. We have a grant from a state funder, for which we have to audit 82 municipal buildings for energy usage. The purpose of these audits is to identify cost savings that local officials can pursue. Yesterday I went to a workshop where several small-city leaders discussed new methods of achieving energy efficiency. Apparently, Rick Snyder created a goal for Michigan that we must eliminate 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, so that was the focus of our workshop yesterday. There was a new technology discussed there called, Micro Grids, which would revolutionize energy consumption for cities. I really enjoy what I do at EcoWorks.

When I’m not at work, though, I’m at the apartments hanging with friends, or roaming downtown trying to meet new people and see the beauty of Detroit. I have noticed how friendly people are on the streets, and it really makes me feel safe to live in Midtown. I love how getting lost in the streets of Detroit make me feel. I would like to come back here after I graduate. There are many things to do, like museums, art shows, and restaurants all over town. The food shops are my favorite, though. There’s nothing like walking into a restaurant for the first time and ordering something random off the menu. After a long day of touring the city, I find a nice, open park to watch the sunset before I head back to my apartment building. This summer has been nothing but perfect these last few weeks. I can’t wait to see how the next seven weeks play out!

Sorry I couldn’t post a photo 🙁



Erin R.

Hey! I'm a senior at the University of Michigan, studying Sociology and Education. I'll be interning at EcoWorks Detroit, with the UROP program (Detroit Community-Based Research Program). I love writing blog posts, so sit back, relax, and read my thoughts.

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