Expect the Unexpected | #5

My family had come over to Bangalore to spend the week here and we were excited to experience an overnight train trip to Goa for the long weekend (June 23 – 26). However, we were placed on the waitlist for our train and ultimately ended up at the second spot on the waitlist which meant that we couldn’t board the train. Most of the other available trains and flights were also fully booked. Hence, we had to forego our trip to Goa but nevertheless we made the most of it by experiencing Bangalore.

During my time in Bangalore, I knew I had not discovered the city as much as I’d like and it is no secret that the city has A LOT to offer. Well, I am glad that the unexpected change in our plans eventually worked out for the best. We visited the different parts of the city, primarily in order to try out the dining options located beyond Whitefield, the place of my stay in Bangalore.


It was great as we tried different cuisines at locations all over Bangalore and I got to experience the diversity that this city is renowned for. The best dishes were the chicken tikka platter with various preparations of chicken, the vindaloo curry which is a Goan dish and the fried mackerel fish.    

At work, it has been more of the same back-end work involving MySQL and PHP but the tasks now have become more challenging. Nevertheless, thanks to the vast resources online we are coping with the challenges thrown at us. The tech lead who is overseeing our project had also told us that he is confident that a large part of what we’ll be developing will be used directly in the final version of the data analytics platform, and it is satisfying to know that the work we do will eventually be used by the firm.

I will be traveling to Kerala with my parents and sister to visit my grandparents this weekend before returning to Bangalore on Sunday. Since I am originally from Kerala, I am much more familiar with the state and know what attractions are there to visit. I do hope to try some local food there which is quite different from the cuisine elsewhere in India. After returning to Bangalore, I am looking forward to 2 weeks of interesting work before wrapping up my time in Bangalore and returning to Abu Dhabi.

Rodney S

I am a computer engineering major at the University of Michigan passionate about software development, project management and consulting.

2 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected | #5

  • July 3, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    I’m sorry your plans to Goa didn’t work out, but I’m so glad that you were able to explore more of Bangalore instead! The food sounds delicious, it’s making me hungry haha.

    Also, it’s so cool that your project is going to be used by the firm even after you leave. That must be such a rewarding feeling!

    • July 4, 2017 at 5:07 am

      Haha the food was delicious and I guess missing the Goa trip may have been a blessing in disguise! And it really is rewarding to know that the work done here will be used after I leave in 2 weeks time.


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