How it Began | #1

This summer I have the amazing opportunity to work with the CUP research team as part of the MCubed program in UROP. CUP stands for College and University Pantries. The team is researching food insecurity on college campuses and the ways in which college campus food pantries are having an impact.

I first became drawn to the project because I was actually working on a project about food insecurity for my Community Action Social Change course. We were expanding on a website that a group member of mine had already created, a site that locates food pantries and other resources for food based on a person’s location. The issue of food insecurity was thus fresh in my mind when I saw the posting for this research assistant opportunity.

I realized that working with this team would be a great fit once I met with the head researcher, Dr. Sampson. She was incredibly passionate about the project and I could tell that by working with her that I would get to learn a lot. I could tell that she wanted me to learn rather than do the work of research that no one else wants to do, a common occurrence for undergraduate research assistants.

I was extremely excited when Dr. Sampson offered me a position with her research team for the summer. One of the reasons why I accepted the position is because I knew that I would be able to learn a lot about food insecurity on college campuses. Before hearing about this research team, I was unaware that this was such a major issue on college campuses. Few people discuss the issue but multiple studies have shown up to 40% of college students suffering with food insecurity. I’m excited to learn more about this very important issue.

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