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I was lucky enough that a senior executive at my company was a Michigan grad and a Communications major just like me! This morning, I sat down with her in our office and was able to chat with her. She is an account executive, overseeing 8 client accounts, and does special projects at Wetherly, which can include events.

I was very excited to talk to her because she is the first person in the fashion industry I have met that went to Michigan- and she had the same major as me! It felt like a little piece of home. I listened to her recall her history into PR and she was able to provide me with a lot of advice regarding the industry. I learned about her history working in in-house PR and then moving to an agency setting, how she works in a team, and her future goals and plans for herself in the industry.

Overall, I gained some invaluable advice: to ENJOY my school years and not be so scared and preoccupied with getting a job out of college- something that I was already extremely concerned with as an incoming junior. To make connections and appreciate them along the way. To move onto your next job or adventure if you feel like you aren’t growing. To try to live in New York City- and if I decide it isn’t for me, it IS NOT a failure. It means I tried something, decided it wasn’t for me, and was mature and knew myself well enough to take another step forward. It always scared me that I would move to NYC full time and hate it, but talking to her gave me optimism.

Overall, it was an invaluable opportunity to sit down with a high ranking person in the company because as an intern I would have not interacted with her as much if I hadn’t approached her. I am looking forward to taking her tips and applying them to not only the remainder of my internship, but to my life!

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  • July 21, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    What great perspective – I love the point about TRYING to live in NYC (or anywhere else that interests you) as your internship(s) and first years out of college are great times for taking career risks!


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