Post 3-Day in the Life

Share and describe 5 photos that capture a day in your shoes as an intern. Reflect on how your internship day is different from your normal routine back home.

My internship day is completely different than it would’ve been at home. At home, I am used to a 9-5 job working with children on a very strict and orderly schedule in which must be followed. The time of the day starts exactly at 9:00 and ends exactly at 3:00. However, in my India Internship at ANKURI, it is entirely different. I work less hours, there is more flexibility when it comes to start and end times, as well as what I am doing is entirely different. I teach English to kids in two different schools: Galaxy and Seedling, from 9-12 in the morning and then 4-6 in the evening. The times are very flexible and some days we end early or run late-we almost never arrive at 9:00 on the dot as teachers. The lessons consist of one hour of english teaching and lesson in the morning, one hour of craft (usually related to lesson topic), and one hour or less of singing, dancing, and acting. In the evening, since we have less time, we fit all of those topics in, just each allotted time is less than an hour. The pictures I have posted shows images from both schools!

Julia H

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