Post 4-Manali Excursion

Describe your favorite experience as an intern this summer.

We started on our trip to Manali, India for a 5-day Trek across the Himalayas. 14,000 feet elevation, 5 days, 3 friends. Our presumably 12-hour bus ride from Delhi to Manali started with a bang and bumping speakers of Punjabi music. The whole bus leaned form the uneasy and winding roads and shook with the bobbing, singing, and chanting passengers. What turned out to be a 15 hou bus trip consisted of many tumultuous and traumatic experiences: our camping packs falling on other passengers’ heads, Cole falling on top of a screaming baby due to the winding and speedy ride, and causing a 9 person group to wait for three hours for our arrival-is to name a few.
We hesitantly arrived to Manali and immediately were scolded on our lateness, but nevertheless started the trip. Another hiccup soon came when the group did not have sufficient ID (printed or original copies of passports and visa). After physically walking around the border in another way to appease the bureaucratic system.
After all the hustle and bustle, we started on a beautiful trail filled with goats, sheep, horses, gushing waterfalls, quit streams, and a meadow of rocks, flowers, and exotic plants we could taste. After setting up camp, we learned more about the fellow passengers: a Czech who was very experienced in abroad hiking, a guide who was extremely knowledgeable, and a magician who practiced his tricks on us.
After playing some card games and magic tricks, we chose to explore the campsite, retire to dinner, and eventually fall asleep in our tent.

Julia H

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