Post 5-Golgappas and Samosas

What is your most memorable food memory during your time abroad?

My most memorable food memory during my time abroad is eating street food with my fellow interns and friends I met on my internship.We were taken to this market in Delhi that had food stations and booths from all over India-Rishakesh, Agra, Punjabi, Uttarakhand, Mumbai, and other regions of India from the North, Central, and South. We also got to experience some indo-chinese cuisine which is extremely popular in India for going out to restaurants-I can confidently say that chow-mein is my favorite dish to get at restaurants now.

We walked the alleys of the market and sit down to try golgappas-a round shaped small crispy and fried bread that is small enough to easily fit in your mouth, filled with a sweet and tangy sauce. We also of course ate samosas-an indian favorite that is a pyramid-shaped fried pastry dough filled with curried potatoes, peas, and aromatic spices. In addition, we tried indian lemonade that was lemon juice, cumin, sugar, and salt-a juice that tasted sour yet almost garlicky in how strong the flavors were. Lastly, we tried “momos” which are steamed dumplings-something that you would find in the states, however ended the meal with familiarity-leaving our taste buds satisfied and our tummies full.

Julia H

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  • June 30, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    I loved eating Indo-Chinese food when I was in India and comparing it to Chinese food and American-Chinese food! It makes me realize that when American food isn’t the way I expect it to be in other countries, such as corn on pizza or Doritos in place of tortilla chips in nachos, that it’s not necessarily “wrong,” but that country’s take on it.


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