Final two weeks

It is an amazing feeling when I realize 3-month internship is approaching its final week. When I look back at what I have built and contributed to the company is beyond what I expected on the first day of work.

Honestly, the first few weeks are not just exciting as everyone feels for interning abroad. Instead, I was once struggled to get used to the new environment without speaking French and without help from family & friends. Traveling, eating, doing sports, making friends were all difficult.

However, I gradually learned some words and expressions as time goes by: “Bonjour, Merci, Salut, Chao, Bon Appetite”. These words make life easier. I built some good relationship with colleagues so I have someone to play basketball with, which helps me get more friends in the area.

Besides the progress in managing my spare time, things are also on the right path in my work. I have created some computational algorithm to solve a technical problem in the company’s software and created some diagram & powerpoint exhibition to introduce my idea to team members and my manager. It turns out my solution is creative and can provide a prototype for the development of new functionalities in the software. There are some good pieces of my work.


One diagram from my ppt presentation                                          a wing profile for testing my codes

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  • July 3, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    I’m glad your work is progressing well and, by the looks of it, you’ve been really successful and learning a lot! I’m glad you got a chance to reflect back on your time in France — what was your most memorable experience?


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