Time Has Flown By! |#4

And just like that, it is July already and I will be home at the end of the month. Reflecting on the past two months, I am so thankful for this opportunity and the people and culture that have really made it everything to me. In this blog, I’m not going to talk about our research but two ladies that have impacted our work in no “scientific way” at all.

At the trail head to our field site there are two older women who sit there, all day, everyday, selling their handmade crafts to tourists. I love seeing them everyday on our way to our site and they seem to love seeing us too! One of the women, we are still unsure of her name as they speak no english and our greek is limited to commenting on how hot it is and telling them we will see them tomorrow, has started bringing us fresh fruit everyday. Peaches, pears, apricots. The best fruit I have ever had. We show them the lizards we catch and Calliope makes the funniest grossed out faces an elderly woman could make.  While the language barrier has limited our relationship with these women we have managed to communicate in the best ways we can and they have become our friends here in Greece and I will never forget them.

We have started to think about what we could do for them or give them to thank them for their company at our field site. We have decided we would like a photo with them and will frame it for them to keep, along with some goodies from the bakery. It is so nice having their familiar faces to see before our hike up to our field site.

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