#4 Midpoint Check-In

As I am approaching the mid-point of my summer internship with the Reinsurance and Product Development team at M Financial Group, it is imperative that I take a moment to look back at my goals set earlier at the beginning of my intern, reevaluate how I have done so far and reflect on whether it is necessary to adjust my goals.

My intial goals are improving my knowledge in SQL and getting connected with more professionals working at M. Though my main work so far is done with MS EXCEL rather than SQL, it is still valuable experience to help improve my EXCEL skills required for my career. While I am going to use SQL starting mid-July, I have started working on one of my main projects using MG-ALFA. It is a better idea to change my first goal to improve my knowledge in MG-ALFA, which is a valuble tool for actuaries to get financial solutions. This will be extremely helpful in landing a full-time job, so I will focus on learning and getting a better understanding of how to use MG-ALFA.

In addition, I keep knowing great people working at different departments on different floors here at M, and I have managed to build a closer relationship, and enjoy more of my work here. I will continue doing this and remind myself even when it can get busier.

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