A Journey towards Progression | #1

My name is Maximillian C. Garcia III and I am currently interning at a company called Monarch Wealth and Business Management. I began my internship with Monarch on May 28th and my internship will conclude on August 5th. At Monarch, my role is to complete any tasks that are assigned to me from delivering packages to accessing their financial system and inputting data. During my internship with Monarch, I will be learning how a company is run, how to conduct business with professional athletes, and how to diversify an individual’s financial investments.

I was drawn to this opportunity by the CEO of Monarch, Barry Klarberg. I met Mr. Klarberg at a networking event that I was invited to and spoke to him about my goals in life. I told him that I wanted to develop relationships in business and eventually create a company that would incorporate those relationships where they would be meaningful and have a positive impact. I continued to tell him about my background and talked about my dad. I stated that the most important goal of mine is to one day take care of my family and most importantly my dad. My dad has taken care of me my entire life and never gave up on me. By the end of our conversation, Mr. Klarberg offered me an internship at his company and I accepted. My goals during this internship are to become part of a healthy and happy workplace environment, continue to progress as a person and see if I enjoy the work I do at Monarch, and to learn as much as I can from everybody I talk to.

I will have the opportunity to gain essential knowledge of how business is conducted in the real world. Already, I have attended meetings with clients and learned how to communicate effectively/how to respond to individuals who are dealing with stress. I have faced different challenges during the beginning of my internship. I am originally from California, not from New York City, and have been lost numerous times. It has been quite the experience in itself being lost. At one point, I was a Grand Central Station and had no clue what train to take. Eventually I would learn that there are multiple trains that can take you to the same destination. However, I had no problem getting to work on my first day. Instead, I arrived at work about 30 minutes early and sat at the front desk receiving calls from a landline. At first it was a simple task. Eventually, I answered a call and the client wanted to be transferred. I had never used a landline before and when I went to press transfer I somehow managed to drop the call. I immediately asked for help and called the client back, apologizing in the process, to transfer him to the right person. I felt embarrassed because I had made a mistake and was grateful when I could resolve it. I did not think that was all too funny when it happened but now that I have my feet on the ground and I have been with the company for over a month, I can laugh at it. 


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