A Typical Day In The Studio | #1

When I walk into the studio of Luna Soiree Events, I can always count on a cheerful, “hello, love!” from my boss and mentor, Kaeli Garcia.  Kaeli is the Principal Planner and Founder of Luna Soiree Events, and has been part of the event planning industry in Ann Arbor for 9 years.  She is professional, esteemed, and sophisticated – which is why the Luna Soiree team refers to our office as “the studio”.  In the studio, Kaeli’s workspace is always the same.  There is a second desk that is shared by myself, the Assistant Coordinator, Olivia, and Morgan, another summer intern.  Most days I am welcomed with a stack of papers to be filed:

These papers can be one of many things: contracts with vendors, service agreements, emails, timelines, photos, and even hand-written notes from Kaeli.  I have to read each paper carefully to A) determine what it is and B) determine what client it is for.  Each client receives a binder that holds all information relating to their event, and each binder is filled with dividers to keep the contents organized.  Dividers are tagged with labels such as floor plan, rentals, design/decor, and catering.  Once the papers on my desk have been filed away in the correct binders, I start working on the projects of the day.  My first day as an intern, I built an IKEA shelf for the studio since Kaeli had recently renovated the entire space.  Other fun projects I have done in the past include arranging floral centerpieces for a client’s rehearsal dinner and crafting props for an event’s photo booth.  Today’s project was going through boxes and boxes in storage and creating an inventory for Luna Soiree.  Over the years, Kaeli has developed quite a collection of items from her events, and Luna Soiree rents these items to our clients in lieu of having the clients purchase the items for themselves.  I was happy to take on this project because I care for the environment and sustainability, and renting these items reduces the waste associated with large-scale events.  We have well over 100 table numbers from different events, and sometimes clients donate them to Luna Soiree so they can be used more than once.

I went through the boxes of storage and took pictures of what we have and used these photos to create an online inventory that we can send to clients.  Rental items fall under several different categories, such as picture frames, large easels, candle votives, flower vases, string lights, and table linens.  Because there were so many items to inventory, the whole Luna Soiree team was on board unpacking boxes, taking pictures, and working on a Google document.

I don’t just hole punch and file service agreements – I create them, too!  Using a template, I insert a particular client’s personal information and pricing for their event.  This is when our binder system comes in handy, because I have all of the event information neatly organized at my fingertips.  Once the template is filled in, I send a PDF draft for Kaeli’s approval, and if everything looks good, I send a final PDF to the client for their signature.  After a signed copy has been returned, naturally, it is filed away in a binder.

While I may work on a different project every day, and events come and go, I can always rely on a furry distraction named Lilly!  She is Kaeli’s dog, and loves to make an appearance with her tennis ball.  Lilly is a complete sweetheart, although she did not seem enthused when Kaeli wanted to get a picture with her.  “It’s for Micayla’s blog, Lilly!  Smile!”

It’s all smiles here at Luna Soiree Events 🙂  I hope you enjoyed 5 photos from a typical day in the studio!

***Bonus photo!  Me at an event planned, designed, and coordinated …. and low and behold, I am holding a binder!!

3 thoughts on “A Typical Day In The Studio | #1

  • July 3, 2017 at 12:42 am

    I never realized how detail-oriented event planning was. It sounds like you’re really equipped for it though. Best of luck, and I look forward to reading more about your experience!

  • July 6, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    Sounds awesome! I would never be able to an event planner. It seems like there is a ton of little details that could easily be missed (which I would definitely miss).

  • July 8, 2017 at 1:22 am

    Your boss sounds so cool! And the sustainability of the reusable inventory thing is awesome!


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