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In my previous 5 posts I’ve alluded to a couple restaurants here and there and perhaps mentioned when I had a particularly good meal, however I feel as if I’ve yet to truly give the food down here the attention it deserves, so that combined with the fact that I had another relatively light week activity-wise (resting up for a big countryside trip to Iguazu falls) means that this post will mainly be about food. As anyone caring enough to read my blog will know, I’m a diabetic, and while there are a lot of misconceptions out there about how this affects my diet, it’s actually true that I can eat pretty much anything I want. Foods with very high concentrations of carbs that house a lot of sugar in a small amount of space (like soda or gummies) don’t make me feel very good if I’m not meticulous, and the blood-thinning properties of alcohol mess with my blood-glucose levels to the point where I don’t really ever drink it, however these are essentially the two limitations when it comes to food; ironically, a disease that affects how my body interacts with food is most limiting in much different ways (travel/transportation of insulin, pump supplies/changing pump “sites”, etc.) All that to say, my experience with food here in Buenos Aires has been equal to that of the rest of my friends here, in that we are essentially constantly amazed by how good everything is. A blog post about all of the amazing food I’ve had here would probably close in on 2,000 words, so I’ll stick to just this past week. Last Sunday, because Tara and Perie’s parents were in town, we made a return to one of our favorite week-one restaurant, Las Cholas in downtown Palermo, whose upstairs’ incredibly cozy warm-tent-like atmosphere is matched only by the absolute platters of steak, chicken and paella that you get for incredibly cheap. I can’t manage to get a great picture because it’s almost exclusively candle-lit, but if it’s any indication I felt like I was returning home as I climbed the steps to the upstairs seating. Later in the week we went into San Telmo to two separate places, La Puerta Roja and Banco Rojo. Despite both being mutually owned bars only a block apart, the vibes were very different; el Banco was quaint and local with incredible burgers, tacos, and pitas, while La Puerta was the quintessential bar atmosphere with (according to my friends) the beer to match. Finally, we rounded out the week with two exclusively burger places, 180 Burger Bar and Perez-H Burgers. Perez-H was about a 6 minute walk from our hostel and definitely one of the better burgers I’ve had. Their focus was definitely more gourmet or specialty burgers which isn’t my personal preference, however how much I still enjoyed it is a testament to the quality beef available here in Argentina (they also had a killer side garlic butter sauce). That being said there is simply no competition with 180 Burger Bar: 30 second walk from our hostel and tied for the best burger I’ve ever had in my life. They had a simple 1-2-3 ordering process (type of patty, sauce, and toppings) that was efficient even in a second language, there were 30 orders ahead of us and it still only took 20 minutes to get our food, and the total even with incredible french fries on the side was the equivalent of 8 U.S. dollars. It took me so long to eat there because of the restaurant’s only downside (being open a measly 12-4 and closed saturday sunday) however from now on I will be eating there quite literally every Friday for the rest of my time here. Speaking of my blessed work giving me Fridays off, since I didn’t mention it hardly at all last week I should definitely give an update. It seems as if Phase 3 of my integration into the company’s workings has begun, because I’ve started sending out my own emails to our clients about pertinent articles or alerting them of the fact that they were mentioned in one or another periodical. I recently finished the interview transcriptions (consequently greatly decreasing my weekly ibuprofen intake) and am just now completing translating an 18-page pdf summary of a business conference conducted by one of our medical clients. What this has meant for me is that I’m discovering how much I truly love to translate while at the same time gaining invaluable insight into what the world of journalism truly holds. As always here are the (admittedly somewhat limited) pictures from the week, and tune in next time for an extra special edition that will actually take place outside of Buenos Aires!

Even if you don’t know Spanish you can probably guess what pendejo means (on the grill in Perez-H)
Sign in La Puerta Roja that belongs in the MOMA
BA celebrating the end of pride month =’)
Messi mural in subway I’ve been meaning to photograph for a while

2 thoughts on “Food l #6

  • July 7, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Matt, I am so happy for you to have this experience. It will just add to your bag of tricks. You are an excellent writer and could make a living from that skill. You will have to tell us all about it when you return home. Enjoy the time this week with your parents and Kate. Love, Nana

  • July 18, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    I’m in Buenos Aires, too! Even as a vegetarian, the food can be incredible. Outside the city, though, their preference for blandness tends to shine and there is nothing vegetarian.


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