Looking back my first half | #4

The goal I identified at the beginning is to achieve a good result in research that can be possibly published. Looking back my first half of research internship, I think the goal is quite appropriate.
But it might be good to specify the goal now to be more concrete as well as realistic. In general sense, the destination of any research is a publication as a paper or presentation in a conference. So my ultimate goal in my mind is one of these two. However, this is a very challenging mission and is not likely for undergraduate research including mine. The limit in time that I have to leave the country at the end of August makes it more difficult. Still I won’t give up the goal until very last moment, I would say that the plan B could be to prepare a presentation or a poster of my research outcomes. Though these are not official publication of research, I think
putting my outcomes all together in a formal manner would help me in later opportunities.

My work so far is not bad, yet not great. The setup and debugging of simulations have taken longer that I expected, and it resulted in a small delay in my schedule. The positive thing is that I realize my personal growth in research skills. Not only I see the increase of things I’m capable of like simulation or coding, but I also got be able to do a bit of research cycle by myself: Build a hypothesis -> Setup an experiment/simulation -> Correct data -> Analyze a result -> Build another hypothesis again… Although my own cycle is still very tiny and less crucial compared to a professor’s or a Ph.D. student’s one, this is a big growth for me. At the first time, I was only able to do what my advisor told me to do, but now I can somehow come up with what to do and try it by myself!

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