Presentation | #4

Recently, our lab had a journal club. This is when each member of the group presents a recent publication from a research journal that relates to our research or the research of our lab which is biocatalysis. It’s a short 5 minute power point presentation about the paper, highlights the goals of the work, methods used, results and figures, conclusion and our likes and dislikes of the paper. The purpose is to expose everyone to the recent findings in science and to overall learn something new. Normally, I would have been extremely nervous to do any sort of presentation. But I found some relief and comfort because I have been in the lab for roughly a year, so I have seen many research and literature presentations. Additionally, I’ve grown more comfortable in my own skin in lab in general and am closer to my lab members so there was less fear going into this presentation. However, I had some difficultly finding a paper to present on. I don’t have immense experience reading scientific literature and there are a lot of techniques that I don’t know so I had to find a paper that was related to the research and I could understand. After several search terms and scrolling through multiple pages, I found a paper on the discovery and characterization of a new enzyme.

I learned a lot reading the paper and making my power point presentation. Of course, there were things I did not know but doing some research on my own on the internet I got a gist of what was being discussed and it introduced me to some new concepts. Importantly, the paper showed me the overall thought process of this research and I thought that was extremely useful.

The actual presentation went really well. I attribute most of that to the fact that I have experience with these literature presentations and my comfort with my lab members. In any other situation, I probably would have been a nervous wreck. But I’m glad that I can now say I’ve done a literature presentation.

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