Bonjour from Biscarrosse!

My first week at Camping Mayotte Vacances in Biscarrosse, France has been nothing but busy! In just one week I memorized seven different dances, I played a bunch of games with a bunch of kids, and I met my “équipe d’animiation” or entertainment team. I chose to participate in this specific internship because I really like to work with children as well as sing, dance, and entertain. After this week, I knew I chose to participate in the right internship when, during the weekly dance party, the children I work with wanted me to dance with them. It was at that moment that I realized the positive impact I have on these kids’ camping experience, and I was very happy to be with them. One of the kids I work with even drew a picture for us “animatrices”.

I believe that my French has greatly developed since my arrival, even though it has only been one full week. I know for sure my comprehension did (children don’t always speak the clearest when they are talking!). Alongside improving my French skills, I also have a goal to have such a strong, positive impact on a family that they will want to return to Camping Mayotte Vacances, even if I don’t know that they will return.  I would also like to immerse myself in as much French culture as I can while I’m here, because I believe that it is not possible to fully learn a language without studying its culture. As for now I only participate in dances, but when I become more confident with my French and myself, I plan on participating in skits, too.



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  • July 3, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    I am so fascinated by your experience! I love learning the French language, working with children, and experiencing the arts. I think it’s beautiful that you feel a bond at Camping Mayotte Vacances in Biscarrosse, France. I hope the rest of your time there is enlightening and great.


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